Who is Nexera

    As an innovative start-up, the Nexera family of Companies has viewed communications as a leading platform to stay connected. While the new normal evolves, and uncertainty around each corner. Staying connected is very important not just for small business or entrepreneur competitive advantage, but to stay connected with loved ones, family, and friends. Being a small business, Nexera Communications Inc is based out of Southern California, about 30 Minutes outside of Downtown Los Angeles. Nexera was started in July 2017 in the amazing views of Anaheim Hills, CA, out of the offices.

Our mission is to establish Nexera as a leading Voice over Internet Phone service provider (VoIP) while using resources and connections to help local small businesses grow and evolve to their full potential. Nexera companies share a tech office with Nexera Media Corp, Nexera Business Advisors, and Nexera Software. While we are a family of companies, we are individually operated. Our team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and marketing experts, with the relentless energy of achieving our mission.

Juan Olmedo is our relentless leader and CEO of all Nexera Companies. Mr. Olmedo has a keen eye to find talent and can relate to virtually all areas of business. With a background in construction, Mr. Olmedo understands what hard work may build. While working in the construction industry, Mr. Olmedo found that any business with the right infrastructure can be successful. Through hardships and failures, Mr. Olmedo brings over 15 years of practical business experience, and 10 years of telecommunications engineering. Mr. Olmedo is a faith-driven, family man, and a husband to an amazing wife. With 5 total children, Angelina, Delilah, Noah, Anissa, and the god-given opportunity to be the stepfather of Nicholas, Mr. Olmedo has his hands full. Mr. Olmedo also understands what it takes to build a business. Because of the minimal or lack of knowledge of resources available to the public. Mr. Olmedo in his spare time donates countless hours to non-profit organizations that help small business owners. Organizations such as CIELO, Community of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Opportunity, located in Huntington Beach, CA (, and the Pomona Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Rosa Olmedo is the amazing wife of Mr. Olmedo. Mrs. Olmedo brings over 15 years of customer care and marketing experience. With an extended background in customer care in the medical field, Mrs. Olmedo understands what it takes to make customers first above all. While marketing is a new venture for Mrs. Olmedo, she has been able to take it by the storm and become a leading marketing professional. Mrs. Olmedo shares the 5 children with Mr. Olmedo and has made sure the family is taken care of while starting Nexera.

Teresa Arroyo is a woman with a plan. With over 30 years of experience in investing in small businesses, Mrs. Arroyo brings the ability to help grow a team, and connections to help Nexera become a successful telecommunications company. Mrs. Arroyo is a woman of faith, wife, mother, and grandmother. Mrs. Arroyo is to establish an investment portfolio to leave a legacy for her family.

Andres Arroyo is a related partner to the Nexera family of companies. Mr. Arroyo brings extensive experience in financial accountability. Understanding numbers is very important, and know-how to raise, budget, and save money will be a key factor in the success of Nexera. Mr. Arroyo is also a faith-driven, family man, husband, and father.

Van Truong is a sales master and innovating thinker. Mr. Truong has a Bachelor's degree from the prestigious University of Southern California (USC), in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. While Mr. Truong developed his academic career, he realized he had an understanding of what people want and need. Knowing this allowed Mr. Truong to develop a strong sales background, and with over 15 years in sales, Mr. Truong also runs and operates Lido Garage Doors based out of Newport Beach. Mr. Truong brings his extensive sales background to help build a sales and marketing strategy.

Nexera Communications, while being a startup, with its team having an extensive background, we know what it takes to start and develop a business. With 3 years of operations, our team has been working for over 5 years to get Nexera Communications where we are. Nexera wants to be part of the local business community that commends and appreciates small business owners' courageous approach to the method they do business. It is an honor and we are humbled to be part of a small business community.

About the Author

Juan Olmedo

Mr. Olmedo is a Southern California native, growing up surfing in Newport Beach. With a clear interest in technology since the age of 12, Mr. Olmedo has developed a passion for its capabilities and the power for business. As a husband to an amazing wife, and father of 5, Mr. Olmedo focuses most of his time to faith, family and business. CEO and Contributor to Nexera Communications, Mr. Olmedo leads with passion, while allowing his team to work in an environment of teamwork.

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