Simple Concepts to Help Raise Sales

They say that when we don’t know about something, we buy based on the price. Business owner’s responsibility is to educate their customers on what they sell and give enough information to value what they are buying. Imagine I sell you two white t-shirts and I inform you one of the t-shirts will only last 20 washes, while the other is made of treated cotton and I guarantee it will last 1,000 washes, but costs double of the first t-shirt. Now you have information to make your decision other than by the price concept.

Who is your ideal customer, and How to Identify Them?
You should know if your customers are male, female, or may be both, what is their age range, what he/she likes to do, what they prefer to buy, what keeps them awake at night, etc. It's like flirting on a disk, but with economic interests.

While faced with competition.  What advertising strategies are recommended to attract more customers?
The key is not to recover the piece of cake that you removed but to make the cake bigger. Go out to seek customers, visit outside your local community, make deliveries and visit neighboring communities.  Improving your services, will also help old customers return. Prepare a list of customers, and make contact with them when you decide to, not when they want.

How to prevent the excess of promotion cost eat up your profits?
Be careful on implementing any type promotion to any type customer, on the other hand, if your target customers only buy from promotions, it is a sign that you are reaching a lower level of customer. Develop incremental promotions, for example, every time you place a promotion, each time place it further and further from the customers who are always looking for a bargain.  Have this type of customer go through full purchases before they arrive to the promotions.

What to do about a customer who ceases to be attractive?
Non-paying customer is not a customer, customer who costs you is not a customer. There are many customers who may replace non-attractive customers, but you have to be confident in being able to replace them before letting them go.  A key idea is the return on investment is based on the quality of your product and quality of the customer. A quality customer may be a non-attractive customer if your product is known to be non-quality.

Are sales affected by the changes and adjustments in a tax reform?
Sales will always be affected by any tax reform, at least in the time these changes take place and are integrated into a daily reality. We must have a defense and customer retention plan. Remember that when things change, always be prepared with alternative actions.

Are Web pages needed for Small Business Enterprises?
It is increasingly more and more important to have your business web page regardless of your company size, especially if your customers are other businesses or they are located throughout the country.  In today’s social economy, a business with out a web page is not really considered a real business.  Having an online presence has become a part of accreditation.

When developing a business web page, it is essential to have an attractive website, that provides information about your product or service, and most important that the website is completed before you promote it to the world. An uncompleted website is un-attractive, and looks un-professional.

Our Goal here at Nexera Communications

In any type of business, product, or service, your customers are very important. They keep your business alive, they provide the profits you need to grow and expand the business, and they provide social feed back for future potential customers.  How is it that we attract these customers, well you need a sales plan, and sales professionals to implement the plan.  While we hope these simple tips may help with developing a sales plan, here at Nexera Communications we look to not just sell a product or service, we strive to create business relationships.  Feel free to reach out to us on how we may help your small business.

About the Author

Juan Olmedo

Mr. Olmedo is a Southern California native, growing up surfing in Newport Beach. With a clear interest in technology since the age of 12, Mr. Olmedo has developed a passion for its capabilities and the power for business. As a husband to an amazing wife, and father of 5, Mr. Olmedo focuses most of his time to faith, family and business. CEO and Contributor to Nexera Communications, Mr. Olmedo leads with passion, while allowing his team to work in an environment of teamwork.

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