How to Pick the Right VoIP Provider

How to Pick the Right Voice Over IP Provider for your Small Business

Voice based internet service providers are ideal for small businesses due to the cost advantages they provide along with additional features that facilitate easy communication. These systems are easy to set up and delivery great sound quality over reliable channels that cost a fraction of traditional phones. Here are a few details, that you, as a small business owner, should keep in mind during selection of VOIP provider.

Services on offer

First understand your current and future communication requirements and then compare that to services being offered by VOIP companies. Most companies provide services like faxes, call forwarding, conferencing and caller id with full technical support. But if you have international clients and need to interact with them on a regular basis, you will have to find a service provider that will also have video conferencing facilities that will save from traveling on a regular basis. Unlimited calling to international numbers is becoming much more popular, and Nexera Communications has a cost-effective play to 40 countries.

Virtual PBX and several phone lines

If your small business has several branches in same location, then you can get a virtual PBX so your employees are always connected and you enjoy unlimited calling facilities at a low cost. VOIP services that are based on the cloud offer additional advantage of free application on both Android and iOS along with additional phone lines so that your employees are connected to clients and to each other.

Usage based services

If you are just a start-up and cannot afford to pay for expensive communication services, then look for VOIP company that can give you basic services initially and can scale to enhanced services when your business expands. Companies that offer customized services as per your changing requirements like unlimited calling and faxing services along with call recording and monitoring are ideal for small companies that are still growing. Avoid firms that force you to buy bundled services along with basic phone lines that you may not require.

Customer Care on the Front Line

If you are looking for the cheapest possible, you will most likely also receive comparable customer service.  Staying connected and being able to get ahold of someone from your provider that not only helps you, but cares that your business stays connected. Customer service is key to growing a business, and VoIP providers know that. Look for key factors that the providers you are getting quotes from, provide you with excellent customer service. Chances are they will keep providing the same service once you are signed up.


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Mr. Olmedo is a Southern California native, growing up surfing in Newport Beach. With a clear interest in technology since the age of 12, Mr. Olmedo has developed a passion for its capabilities and the power for business. As a husband to an amazing wife, and father of 5, Mr. Olmedo focuses most of his time to faith, family and business. CEO and Contributor to Nexera Communications, Mr. Olmedo leads with passion, while allowing his team to work in an environment of teamwork.

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