How effective will distant learning be without the personal social connections?

During these troubling times, there are many changes that are taking place within our everyday social lives. We must continue ensuring that we are constantly learning and keeping our minds updated with the times that await us ahead. However, the question that has everyone in a panic mode: How effective will distant learning be without the personal social connections? To begin, it Is important to highlight on the measures that social distancing is in effect in order to avoid illness by keeping increased physical space; It does not constitute social isolation or disconnection. All age groups ranging from infants to seniors need the important social supports from the outside world in order to feel valued and part of a mutual system. According to an article titled, Cultivating Belonging Online During Covid-19, there are three factors that students, teachers, and other administrators need to adhere in order to cultivate social presence: Calm, Connection, and Community (Borkoski & Roos 2020). Keeping calm and connected remind us to promote self-care, while still following routines under care. In addition, maintaining a sense of community is essential for the younger generation in the education system. Different ways of doing so include virtual spirit week, zoom meetings, and communication through posts in order to close the gap between distance. There is sufficient evidence that suggest humans need this sense of community in order to prosper in their learning endeavors and keep in touch with the outside world. After all, the “distance” rule does not apply to communication. 


Borkoski, C., & Roos, B. (2020, April 07). Cultivating Belonging Online During COVID-19. Retrieved August 20, 2020, from

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