Businesses who will thrive through the pandemic.

We are already more than halfway through the 2020 year. The global pandemic known as Covid-19 has quickly changed the world and the way we interact with one another. More importantly, businesses (ranging from small to corporate) have taken the hardest plummet in their sales and operating hours. However, there are some small businesses who have an advantage during these troubling times and are seeing a spike in demand. For example, the Telecommunications business specializing in VoIP are the main source of contact for businesses who are now moving their working duties to the home front and need both internet and phone systems set up in place in order to effectively continue operations from home. Also, it may be evident that small liquor stores are a thriving business right now due to the shutdown of major bars around the United States. According to the article by US Chamber, people are buying alcohol in mass amounts to make hand sanitizer or because they are afraid of getting “locked in” the house with nothing to do (Ludwig 2020). In addition, small online tutoring businesses are also booming due to parents fearing their children’s transition phase into online instruction, rather than in class learning. It is important that parents ensure no child get “left behind,” as some children may not have the means to technology at their home in order to see these online “zoom” instructions being held in substitution to a classwork setting. Some other businesses on the list that are thriving during this time include: used car sellers, furniture sellers, home health companies, and gardening suppliers (Ludwig 2020). It is safe to conclude that no matter where we are in the world with supply and demand, there will always be services that will continue being in demand no matter the circumstances that are being held globally.


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