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Prior to 2010, it was difficult for businesses to secure high-quality business internet to support an enterprise phone system that would allow for optimal phone functionality. Founder and CEO Juan Olmedo knew there had to be a way to make this solution available to businesses, but at a fraction of the high price tag. In those days, an enterprise phone system could cost small businesses up to $20,000, a luxury expense that many small business owners just couldn’t afford. Armed with only a software development degree, Mr. Olmedo set out to prove that he could develop a web-based phone system that could be cloud-hosted as a service. Although the concept was simple, it was revolutionary. With the power of cloud-based technology, Mr. Olmedo was able to identify how to give entrepreneurs and small business owners the professional phone system needed to conduct business on a daily basis, but at a budget-conscious cost. The true scalability of the NEVTIS flagship enterprise UCaaS system means that it can be adapted based on each business’s unique needs and can remain flexible to meet changing demands. After many years of research and development, along with a couple of mergers, NEVTIS was formed in 2021.

Area Codes 310 and 424


As technology shifts to meet the demands of a constantly evolving workforce, NEVTIS is committed to being on the cutting edge of connectivity solutions. As remote work becomes a part of daily life, and businesses face growing global demand, the need to adapt to this new normal is evident – and essential. Based in Southern California about 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles, NEVTIS was founded in July 2021, acquiring the family of companies which preceded it: Nexera Media Corp, Nexera Business Advisors, and Nexera Software which where formed in 2017. Although each company is individually operated, our seasoned entrepreneurs and marketing experts come together to achieve our mission of delivering optimal technology and business services to our small business clients.

NEVTIS fills a critical gap by providing superior UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) service to local small businesses to increase productivity, grow profitability, and fuel business growth and potential. Although we are a startup, NEVTIS has been able to draw from the extensive background experience of its team members who understand the complexities involved in business development. Including 3 years of successful operations to date, our team has spent a total of 5 years bringing NEVTIS to where we are today, and we are extremely excited for the future. At NEVTIS, we are honored and humbled to be a part of the small business community, and we applaud and support the courageous approach of other local small business owners across the country.

Start-Up in UCaaS Tech

It all began with an idea based on a cloud – cloud service, that is. The initial concept was to bring small business owners an efficient and affordable web-based solution for their phone system, one that could be hosted in a cloud server. We knew that our product needed to work for small business owners with features customized for productivity, not features that were extraneous and lacked purpose. After investing over 3 years on research & development, focus groups, and building our features based on essential feedback, we developed our innovative system to be feature-rich, user-friendly, and cost-effective for our clients.

Cloud-hosted VoIP service means no expensive equipment, just optimal collaboration between remote and interoffice workers, bringing teams together with efficient voice and messaging services. And the best part? Our system can be installed with only a minimal investment, and can save you up to 40% based on what you currently pay through your local phone provider.

Area Codes 310 and 424

Making it all make sense.

As the Founder and CEO of NEVTIS, Juan Olmedo grew up with a passion for STEM beginning at a very young age. He was the only one in his family that had ever really expressed an interest in technology, and the opportunities available to expand his knowledge were limited. As Juan currently travels around the country to attend conferences and industry events, he sees many teenagers and young students who are excited to learn more about these fascinating topics, but are prohibited by program availability and affordability. With dedicated funding for STEM initiatives, Juan wants to ensure that the next generation receives the opportunities he longed for in his younger years.

Entrepreneurial support is just as important to Juan, as he started his first business at only 24 years old. There is a very steep learning curve when diving headfirst into the entrepreneurial world, and many businesses simply don’t know where to turn to get the support they need for success.

Through donations, volunteer work, and program assistance, NEVTIS partners with organizations like Clever Programmer and Cielo Community to advance these STEM and Entrepreneurial initiatives to aspirational members of the local community. By sharing up to 20% of profits from each new client to support these valued initiatives, Juan strives to bring students and entrepreneurs the skills and knowledge they need to drive their career path forward and achieve their dreams.


Our Vision, Your Future.

We are proud to state, we build our technology around our customers needs and feed back. From the beginning our technology was solely focused on the customer's experience, and how they needed the technology to work.


NEVTIS believes in prioritizing customer care in order to build long term relationships. We have spent numerous hours, weeks, and months providing top-tier customer service training to all our team, staff, and vendors. Our goal is to be number one in customer service, and our technology will follow as our customers demand more.

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